Protect Your Child's Smile with a Customized Athletic Mouth Guard

You may think that mouth guards are only necessary for children who play contact sports. However, mouth-related injuries can occur in any physical activity. Wearing a custom appliance can provide substantial protection and prevent severe damage to your child's smile. At Children’s Dental of Waltham in Waltham, MA, our doctors can fabricate a custom athletic mouth guard to protect the teeth and limit damage to the lips, tongue, and other areas of the mouth. 

A custom mouth guard.

The Benefits of a Athletic Mouth Guard

A mouth guard is one of the most effective ways to protect the teeth from chips, cracks, and other forms of damage. This type of device is designed to fit comfortably and snugly over the teeth. Since each of our mouth guards are precisely crafted to a specific patient's smile, we can ensure the device sits properly without disrupting the bite or placing undue pressure on the jaw.

Mouth guards are highly beneficial for athletes who play contact sports. Research has found that up to 39 percent of all dental injuries are sports-related. By wearing an athletic mouth guard, athletes of all ages can protect their smile from damage, saving an immense amount of time, worry, and money. We recommend that those who play contact sports wear an oral appliance during every practice and game to prevent chips, fractures, and lost teeth.

Custom Oral Appliances vs. Store-bought Mouth Guards

Commercial mouth guards can be purchased at any department store, pharmacy, or sporting goods store in the country. There are two main types of over-the-counter devices available: stock mouth protectors and boil-and-bite guards. Stock mouth protectors are preformed, making them less expensive. However, nothing can be done to adjust their fit and they offer little to no protection. Boil-and-bite mouth protectors provide a slightly better result because they can be placed in hot water and shaped using finger or tongue pressure.

Our devices are crafted according to your unique dental anatomy for a sleek, comfortable fit.

In reality, neither stock or boil-and-bite mouth guards compare to the custom appliances made professionally by your dentist. While over-the-counter guards can be awkward and bulky, our devices are crafted according to your unique dental anatomy for a sleek, comfortable fit.

Our Waltham dental office uses the highest-quality dental materials, so your athletic mouth guard will last much longer. Furthermore, store-bought sports mouth guards can impair proper breathing and have a negative impact on your performance level. Custom guards fit snugly and will not interfere with the airway, so you can focus on the game or activity.

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