Providing Children's Emergency Dentistry When it Matters Most

A sweet little boy smiles showing a full set of white baby teeth.While emergency dental care is important for patients of all ages, it is especially important for parents to know when to take their children in for emergency services. Whether it is during or after office hours, our dentists are available to answer your children's emergency dentistry questions and meet at our Waltham office, if necessary. Our team is dedicated to you and your little ones. Contact us today with any questions about emergency dentistry.

Identifying an Emergency

You may be wondering when a situation becomes an emergency requiring immediate dental attention. Some situations are obvious emergencies, such as when your child knocks a tooth out, or otherwise suffers trauma to the teeth, gums, or jaw. Sometimes, however, your child may be experiencing an issue not visible to the naked eye, such as decay or a cracked tooth in the posterior of his or her mouth.

A good rule of thumb is that if your child has expressed that he or she is in pain or is not eating because of pain, you should consider it an emergency. If you are still unsure of whether you should pursue emergency care, contact Children's Dental of Waltham. Our dentists are accessible throughout the day and after hours to give advice on emergency dentistry.

Children's dental emergencies include:

  • A Lost Tooth - If your child loses a permanent tooth, you should immediately seek dental care. In many cases, the tooth can be replaced. Without emergency treatment, your child may lose the tooth for life. In this situation, you should clean the tooth and keep it in a container of milk to bring with you to our offices for possible replacement.
  • Toothache - As you likely know, a toothache can range in pain from mild to severe. It can be very difficult to tell whether a child's pain is minimal or severe, so you should consider every complaint an emergency to avoid more serious problems and the need for dental extraction. You can apply a topical numbing gel to your child's teeth and give him or her an oral pain medication while you are on the way to the dentist.
  • Chipped Tooth - A broken or chipped tooth can cause problems if it is swallowed or inhaled. It may also cut the soft tissues within your child's mouth. Remove any chipped pieces, and apply an ice pack to your child's face to help reduce any swelling on your way to our office. You can give your child medication for pain if necessary. 

Determining a Plan of Action

If you are unable to reach us for any reason, or if your child has suffered a serious trauma, you should go directly to the emergency room.  By maintaining your child's regular dental appointments, you greatly reduce the likelihood that he or she will need children's emergency dentistry. During your first appointment with us, we can help you determine a plan of action in case of a dental emergency. To speak with a member of our team, contact us today.