Gentle Tooth Extraction Can Pave the Way for Future Dental Health

We typically picture dentists striving to preserve patients' natural teeth. However, in some cases, removing a tooth can actually be very beneficial for your oral health. For example, if your child’s permanent teeth are ready to come in, but the baby teeth have not fallen out, we may recommend tooth extraction. Our Waltham, MA, team is empathetic and compassionate. We know that this procedure can be daunting for kids, but our gentle methods and friendly manner can put them at ease. Further, Children’s Dental of Waltham offers nitrous oxide sedation to calm frightened or anxious patients. After an extraction, we will provide any necessary follow-up care, and we can also offer home care tips to ensure the healing period goes smoothly.

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Sometimes, extractions are necessary to make room for adult teeth to properly erupt.

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

There are a number of situations in which we may recommend a dental extraction:

  • Stubborn baby teeth are delaying your child’s dental development
  • A tooth has broken off at or beneath the gums
  • Your child has a cavity that is too large for standard treatment
  • Your teen does not have enough room to accommodate wisdom teeth
  • Your child has severe crowding, and we need to remove a tooth before placing braces
  • Your little one has a dental infection that has not responded to root canal therapy

What Happens during a Tooth Extraction?

The exact treatment will depend on the type of extraction your child needs. In some cases, the process may be very simple, such as the method used to remove stubborn baby teeth. Typically, your dentist will just need to rock the tooth back and forth very gently. As it loosens, your practitioner can then easily lift it from the socket.

We know that extractions can be daunting for kids, but our gentle methods and friendly manner can put them at ease.

Sometimes, surgical extraction is needed. For example, we will perform a surgical extraction if your child has an impacted tooth, which is trapped beneath the gums or unable to break through the jawbone fully. We may also perform surgical extraction for a broken tooth. During this type of tooth removal, your dentist will carefully remove minimal amounts of bone or gum tissue. This will uncover the tooth, allowing your doctor to remove it with minimal impact to the surrounding tissue.

During a surgical extraction, we will administer sedation to keep your teen or little one comfortable. Nonetheless, we are happy to provide nitrous oxide during simple extractions, as well. Mild laughing gas can make the process easy and comfortable, even for those with dental anxiety.

Recovering from Tooth Extraction

Healing from a simple tooth extraction is relatively quick, although recovery from a surgical extraction may take a bit longer. Immediately afterwards, your child will need to bite down on a piece of gauze to minimize bleeding. If needed, your dentist can also place a few small stitches. For a few days, your child should eat a soft diet and be extra careful when brushing their teeth. In fact, if you have a very young child, you may want to do the brushing yourself to avoid opening up the extraction site. For the first 24 hours, they should get plenty of rest, avoiding running and strenuous activity. However, your child will likely be back to normal in just a few days. Be sure to keep all follow-up appointments so we can monitor healing. If we had to remove a damaged tooth, we can provide an appropriate restoration at this time, as well.

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